Combining Synthetic Biology with Fermentation Technology

Why Levadura?

At Levadura we believe in leveraging advantages created by nature whenever possible. We have carefully selected certain non-traditional yeast strains that favor cannabinoid production. By leveraging the natural metabolic pathways inherent in our yeast strains, and selecting an appropriate feedstock, our production process allows for superior productivity and lower production costs when compared to our competitors. This also results in the production of a pure cannabinoid without the unavoidable contaminants of the agricultural process .

A key Levadura advantage is the secretion of cannabinoids from our yeast during the production process. Unlike our competitors, our downstream purification process will not require the cells to be broken open and the product to be separated from the numerous components found inside the cell. This key aspect allows us to achieve a product with higher purity for a lower cost.



Cannabinoids - Cannabinoids are chemical compounds derived from the cannabis plant. The most well-known cannabinoids with the largest markets are CBD and THC, which are the first products under development at Levadura

However, Levadura technology will enable the production of a wider range of cannabinoids and other compounds. We intend to offer other products such as CBG, olivetol, olivetolic acid and many more rare cannabinoids.

With close to 800 clinical trials ongoing involving cannabis or cannabinoids (, there is a growing interest for use in pharmaceuticals. Yet there is no reliable source for many of these compounds. Levadura's platform will pursue production of many of these rare cannabinoids in partnership with companies developing treatments.

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